Your Club Update January 2024 | Tasmanian Football Club

Your Club Update January 2024

18 January 2024

Dear Believer,

Late last week the Tasmania Football Club held its first Board meeting for 2024 (and its fifth Board meeting in its history!).

We continue to make progress, and last week was no exception.

During the meeting we approved our Establishment Phase Business Plan. This Business Plan is a critical roadmap for us during our Establishment Phase, with a clear focus on Foundations, Fans and Facilities. As a Board, this will be the plan that we work to over the next 12 months to continue to move the Club forward to first bounce.

We also spent a considerable amount of time planning for our Club launch. We learnt more about the feedback that we have received from the survey we conducted prior to Christmas and the community forums that we have been conducting across Tasmania. I am pleased to advise that we are well on track for our launch as we have committed.

As a Board we continue to focus on the key facilities that our Club will need to perform at our best on and off the field. We are pushing forward with the next phase of the High Performance Training and Administration facility, focusing on a range of matters including the specifications of the facility that will provide the best experience for all, including the community that will have access to the facilities. We are working with a range of partners to progress that project.

This last weekend we have hosted three community sessions in Moonah, Kettering and St Helens, as well as a clinic for young boys and girls at North Hobart. The community response has been outstanding, with the Moonah event oversubscribed. I was fortunately able to attend the session in Moonah and I was so humbled by the attendance, participation and enthusiasm of those that attended. I would like to sincerely thank all of those that have turned up to the events or completed the survey, your input into the Club is so important and I promise that we are listening to it.

A highlight of the events so far has been the young people turning up, with over 500 boys and girls enrolled for clinics across the state, as well as many young people attending the community sessions. This is a personal highlight for me, to get their input into the future of the Club is so important and valued.

We have another round of community events this weekend, we are heading to Oatlands, Scottsdale and Launceston. If you are keen to attend these events, please register at

In closing, I want to thank all of our current partners and those offering to be a part of our journey. One such partner is TasTextiles who we formally thanked in some media this week. TasTextiles are a brilliant Tasmanian organisation who have worked with the Club to create our Believer scarves, for more information on the collaboration, click here. Our Believers merchandise sales will shortly be coming to a close, if you are keen to get some of this merchandise this is your last chance, to see the range and purchase go to

Thanks again for your support, we will be in touch following the next Board meeting to update progress ahead of the much-anticipated Club launch.

All the best,

Grant O'Brien,