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About Tasmania Football Club

Meet the team

Late in 2023 the Tasmania Football Club’s inaugural Board was appointed, with Grant O’Brien the inaugural Chair of the organisation. The Board has nine Directors covering a range of skills, expertise and experience, all Directors of the Tasmania Football Club are volunteers.

Here is what each of the Directors have to say about Tasmania Football Club:

There has always been huge support for a Club in Tassie. We now need to take the opportunity we have been given and build a club that reflects the very best of our state.
Grant O’Brien - Chairman, Penguin
Commercial, Governance
The Club will be a catalyst for the state, facilitating broader change and involvement of both women and men.
Kath McCann - Executive Director, Hobart
Marketing, Leadership, Wellbeing
The Club will unite Tasmanians and give the game a voice in the state once more. An economic boon for the state.
James Henderson - Director, Hobart
Sports, Media, Commercialisation
The Club will be a uniting force that will be shaped by our unique Tasmanian culture… an opportunity to showcase our personality and entrepreneurial spirit.
Laura McBain - Director, Launceston
Finance, Risk, Start-Ups, Business Development
The Club will engage and involve all the regions of the state and provide resources, facilities and pathways that will encourage participation and community engagement.
Alastair Lynch - Director, Burnie
Football, Media, Leadership
A real opportunity for Tasmania and the development of this state. For young people, for women, for economic development and the community more broadly.
Alicia Leis - Director, Sheffield
Strategic Risk Management, Finance, Audit
Will provide pathways and structure for football in our state… A catalyst for engagement with our youth and our communities.
Graeme Gardner - Director, Launceston
Aboriginal Advisor, Local Football Administration, Community Engagement
A new Club, but one with a rich history already… a Club that will leverage our authentic and unique community spirit and encourage new levels of participation in footy.
Roger Curtis - Director, Hobart
Legal, Club Administration
An opportunity for authentic community engagement. Providing ambition and opportunity for our young men and women. An economic development facilitator.
Kathy Schaefer - Director, Ulverstone
Infrastructure, Local Government