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About Us

The Government of Tasmania established a Project Team (“Taskforce”) in June 2019 to investigate recommendations to “develop the framework and business case to support the granting of a Tasmanian AFL and AFLW licence”. On May 3rd 2023, former AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan awarded Tasmania the 19th AFL Licence.

By September 2023 the Tasmania Football Club Board was appointed with nine directors. The formation of the Board was agreed by both the AFL and Tasmanian Government after an extensive process led by a nominations committee made up of former Richmond President Peggy O’Neal, AFL CEO-elect Andrew Dillon, former Director of the Tasmanian Institute of Sport Liz Jack, the Managing Director of JMC Automotive Errol Stewart and Chairman of the Tasmania Football Club Grant O’Brien. The inaugural Board comprises leaders in the fields of finance, commercialisation, leadership, community engagement, infrastructure, football, marketing, media and risk management. These are essential skills required to establish a successful and sustainable football club in the AFL and AFLW and a best practice corporate governance platform.

In November 2023 the “Put Your Say Into Play” survey was released, with over 6000 responses to the survey received. We also met with Tasmanian VFL, AFL and AFLW alumni and legends to get their contributions, legends including Hudson, Hart, Stewart, Riewoldt’s and Richardson.

The Club also hosted nine community forums across Tasmania from December 2023 to February 2024 in Queenstown, Wynyard, Devonport, Hobart, Kettering, St Helens, Oatlands, Scottsdale, Launceston and one on the mainland in Melbourne. The positivity and engagement from the community are what fuels this club.

To build the Club we needed to hear the thoughts and feelings of our community. This Club belongs to every Tasmanian. These responses are framing ‘The Fabric’ or the culture and DNA of our organisation and helping to build the Club’s foundation.

On 18 March 2024, this culminated in the Club revealing its colours, name, logo, foundation jumper and Founding Membership offering.