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The state and this Club deserves the best and most innovative facilities to ensure the best possible player and game day experiences. We are committed to working with stakeholders to create a made-for-Tassie stadium and high performance training and administration centre located in the beautiful city of Hobart. We need top-notch facilities to provide the best possible experience for our fans (of which there will be many more than the current facilities can hold), to run a successful and sustainable organisation and to deliver an incredible experience for all users including athletes, officials, administrators, partners and media.

This does not mean all the games will be in Hobart or that the Club is only for those south of Oatlands. The Club is committed to being a genuine part of the whole Tasmanian community. We started that journey with our Fabric sessions right across the state and our launch events, which were held in six different locations statewide. This sets a standard that we intend to uphold. We are committed to playing games at UTAS Stadium in the north as well as games at our new stadium in the south.

A key piece of our offering to players and their families joining the club is a commitment to building a world class training facility – the High Performance Centre. We want to attract the highest calibre athletes to our state and are excited for the delivery of this critical piece of infrastructure to make our dreams of winning come true.

And behind the scenes is a plethora of people, sports administrators, coaches and sports medicine professionals that will also be part of this journey. Their home at the High Performance Centre will be shared by the community with a vision to be a genuine part of the Fabric of Tasmania.


The Club is for all Tasmanians, and we would like to think that wherever you are, we are. But if you want a street address, the club’s HQ will be Hobart based. The Directors of the Club are all Tasmanians, spread across the state and into the big island.

We will play our home games in both Launceston and Hobart. In Launceston this will be at a redeveloped UTAS Stadium and in Hobart this will be at the new stadium to be constructed.

Yes, under the agreement with the AFL and Tasmanian Government, a 23,000 capacity roofed stadium will be built at Macquarie Point as part of the requirements for the Club.

The stadium is currently going through the Project of State Significance planning process.

The Tasmanian Government has announced that Rosny Parklands is the preferred site for the Training and Administration Centre (sometimes called the High Performance Centre). The Tasmanian Government continues to work with Clarence City Council to progress the project.

Stadium: The total cost of the stadium is expected to be $715 million. The funding for the stadium has been agreed with contributions from State and Federal Government and the AFL, adding up to $715 million.

Training and Administration Centre: This facility is funded to $70 million. The Tasmanian Government has committed up to $60 million for the facility, with a further $10 million from the AFL.