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We are striving for the men’s and women’s teams to enter the AFL and AFLW competitions in 2028. But in the meantime, if you haven’t heard - We are the team.

Keep following our page and socials for regular updates on when we will hear the siren sound for the first time.

In November 2023 we conducted a major survey that gave us direct feedback on preferences for our team identity. We went further than that though, we conducted 10 events and three clinics around Tasmania (and Melbourne) to dig deeper and ask those interested more questions about their preferred identity for the Club. We also asked participants to share their stories which are informing the Fabric of their Club. We then went another step further and engaged with our AFL and AFLW alumni to get their input into the Club.

Combining all of this input we were able to develop an identity that we feel will represent Tasmania on the national stage, bringing to life our history and heritage with our hope for the future.

The devil is in the detail here, we are warming up the presses to get our first merchandise drops ready. We’re pretty excited about what's coming.

You'll be updated regularly via email, but also keep an eye on our socials and webpage for the latest.

The ONLY way to get merchandise is to be a Founding Member. You will have to enter your membership number to get access and purchase club merchandise.

Sign up today and be the first to access the best footy merch you will ever see!


Go to membership.tasmaniafc.com and follow the prompts. If you have any difficulties or need help, please contact us on [email protected].

Only $10! We want our Founding Membership to be accessible to all Tasmanians and supporters from across the globe.

As a Founding Member, you will receive a special digital Founding Membership card. You will also receive a sensational Founding Member sticker – there are three to choose from. Additionally, you will receive member exclusive communication and access to member exclusive merchandise. Most importantly, as a Founding Member your name will be represented in our training and administration home forever! We are not exactly sure how we will do it yet, but we can guarantee you your name will always be there.

*Please note that the founding membership does not include a physical member card.

Once you are a Founding Member, you will have that status for life. However, you only have until 31 October to get on board as a Founding Member.

Is this even possible? Well, if by some miracle this happens, please email us and we can remove your membership. We will not however be offering refunds.

Mum, Dad, Aunty Joan and the next-door neighbour are all welcome. You will be able to add multiple memberships in the process of registering. You will need their names, date of birth, email and mailing address (so they can get the goodies), and a few other details to help us help you (and them!).

Sorry, this is a bit tricky for us at this stage. But if you don’t want your goodies, pay it forward with a gift to someone else!

Details of how to access your digital card will be emailed to you after you have purchased your membership, you will need to scan a QR code and add the card to your digital wallet. Your digital card will have your member ID on it which will be handy for when you want to purchase merchandise.

Founding Members will be at the top of the list for future communications on membership. We’re working on the final details here but stay tuned!

Your member ID is your unique number that we will use to identify you and you can use to purchase merchandise. Member ID numbers are randomised.

Digital membership numbers are distributed to new members every Wednesday. If this time has passed and you still haven't received you member number, please check you promotional/spam folders and contact [email protected].

Membership packs will be distributed frequently, you will receive an email when your pack is on the way to keep an eye out for it.

The QR code is your membership ID number. Down the track this may be used if we hold any events but we will keep you informed on how to use the QR code when it’s required.

We understand mistakes can happen, or that you'd like to transfer your membership. We are currently building a platform which will allow members to amend their membership details. Once this has come into fruition, we will let our members know.


Pre-order will open for two weeks from 9am April 5th until 5pm April 19th. You'll need to provide your digital Member ID to purchase. *You can get a Member ID by becoming a Founding Member for $10 here.

We're starting with the Foundation Jumper in mens, womens, and childrens sizing. Jumpers will have a Founding Member insignia on the back neckline and will not be numbered.

At this stage we are only launching the sleeveless Foundation Jumper but will consider a long sleeve version for future launches.

The sleeveless Foundation Jumper is our first exclusive merch for Founding Members. We will be looking into other merchandise options for future launches.

Around four to six weeks.

The launch of our Foundation Membership exceeded expectations causing a delay in sticker printing. Our exclusive Foundation Jumpers have not been limited to a number and will be made to order after the 2 weeks. Due to this please allow 4 - 6 weeks for your Foundation Jumper to arrive.

Upon dispatch of your order, you will receive an email containing your tracking number. To track your item(s), click the following link and enter your tracking number in the space provided: https://auspost.com.au/mypost/track/#/search

Due to anticipated demand, we have to limit it to two per member. But if you bought memberships for family members etc., each of those members will be able to buy two.

Faster than Isaac Heeney on the burst, that was. We are already on it, but in the meantime, don't give them your details or money. Not just because they're dodgy, but because they're tragic.

We are on it and working almost as fast as those fake merch stores. We are working towards having your digital Member ID by April 5th, and if not, definitely before the close of the two-week purchase period on April 19th. We've made it so we can't sell out, so you've got a bit of time.

To ensure fast dispatch, once an order has been placed, our fulfilment warehouse immediately receives your order and begins production and processing. Unfortunately, once this occurs orders are unable to be edited. Please ensure all details including your shipping address are correct.

If there are any urgent changes, please contact our team via email at [email protected] and we will endeavour to make these adjustments. However, please note these changes are unable to be guaranteed.