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We are the team

Your Club Update April 2024

Tasmania Football Club

24 April 2024

First of all, I wanted to say how much we appreciate and enjoy your feedback and the banter on the various social media platforms - We Are the Team (that means all of us!) and that just gets stronger the more we communicate with each other. If you have not joined us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or X, please do so!

We are tickled pink to see the number of cars, laptops, drink bottles and even an odd lawn mower proudly displaying their Founding Member stickers, please continue to share your photos and films of the devil being released in Tassie, on the mainland and around the world!

We have a very full action plan to deliver before the footy season ends and yesterday we regrouped as a board in Hobart for Meeting number 8. Like all of our meetings so far, we had another packed agenda with great discussion and consideration of a range of matters.

We continue to learn more about our Founding Members and have been really pleased with the response that we have seen to our first ever piece of official merchandise, our Foundation Jumper. Many thousands of jumpers are now being produced and will be shipped all over the world over the next month.

The Board worked through our fan engagement plan for the next 12 months, including key areas of member engagement, retail and our community program. We are really excited to be rolling this out and continuing to build the Devils momentum.

We had good updates and discussion on critical infrastructure projects, particularly Stadium and Training and Administration Centre. These projects are so important as we move to the Operational Phase of the Club and we are confident with how they are progressing.

We are progressing our planning around footy, working alongside the AFL to put key elements into place as we progress to first bounce. There is a lot to do and we are getting closer to being firm on our pathways and timeframes, the Board discussed this at length yesterday.

The Board discussed a range of other items on our Establishment Phase Business Plan and continue to see good progress across all key work streams.

Over the next few months you will see a range of activities, initiatives and announcements from the Club. Thank you for your ongoing support and for coming on this journey with us, to those that have turned up to clinics, that have bought merchandise, engaged in our social media content, provided feedback and advocated for our Club - we say thank you. We are so enthused about where we are at and what is ahead of us.

Go Devils.

We are the team.